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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by dhpar, Mar 22, 2011.

  1. dhpar


    i was getting frustrated with the performance of Firefox 3.x recently. but the latest release (Firefox 4 RC) is absolutely stunning and fast as hell...

    give it a try...
  2. You might want to try Pale Moon (same as Firefox with a few "deemed unnecessary for most users" features removed). They claim "25% faster than FF". Seems like it might be so.
  3. yeah, its pretty fast. i like it.
  4. I use Chrome for my default browser (fast and simple) and use Firefox 3.x when I need to perform a task that requires a addon (Firefox has great addons).
  5. FF4 is noticeably faster than FF3.

    I like the very customizable toolbars, controls whatever. What I use is in a small space in the upper right hand corner and everything else I hid, as opposed to the IE dinosaur where controls are apparently frozen on the left corner with three mostly empty bars wasting space.

    I will have to try Chrome again. Did not much care for it a couple years ago.
  6. ie 9 is a big improvement as well
  7. Chrome ftw
  8. nice that folks are doing custom compiles, but really, what are you all doing that you need 100% speed vs 99% speed? Is it worth the hassle of being non compliant with stock builds?
  9. zdreg


    i just went from 3.x to firefox 4rc.latest version is noticeably faster and,as a result, am unlikely to switch to goggle chrome.
    it seemed that 3.x deteriorated over time. would reinstalling have many any difference?

  10. Agreed. It is faster.
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