Firefox 3 uses cpu when idle

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by rc5781, Dec 21, 2008.

  1. rc5781


    About 2% to 10%

    I've tried all the fixes I saw but none worked. So for now I'm back with Firefox 2

    Anyone find a fix for this that worked?
  2. I have Firefox 3.0.5 and while idling I am at anywhere from 0%- 1%.

    I am no more than 2% while on ET and posting as I am now.

    Sounds like you might have some other "processes" running in the background that are taking up a lot of CPU resources.
  3. vita


    Agree, you may have some spy processes using firefox to broadcast information. I'd suggest downloading a trial version of Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite and check for spywares on your PC.

    BTW, I downgraded my firefox back to 2.0 after trying 3.0.
  4. Google Chrome is a machine as far as browsers are concerned. Much faster than firefox plus many other incredible features.
  5. anh_ams


    Try do downgrade to Firefox 2.0 and scan for adware and spy.
  6. Firefox is known to have memory and CPU issues. But 3.0 has less than 2.0.
  7. vikana

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    also, make sure you turn off flash. A few flash-banners could easily cost 10% on occasion.