Firefox 3.5.6

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  1. Before this gets installed, has anybody had any problems with it? Did a bunch of your extensions stop working? Hope not since it's just a move from 3.5.5 to 3.5.6
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    I upgraded yesterday - so far no problems at all.
  3. A minor update like that will rarely if ever cause extensions to fubar
  4. I upgraded and no problems so far ..
  5. running 3.6 beta 4 without any problems at all.
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    BTW, Google Chrome beta now comes with extension (addon) support... much much faster than IE or Firefox.
  7. I agree with this. Very fast. It is my favorite. It was very plain before but they are adding enough to make it nice.

    As far as FF 3.6 beta 4 I have extensions like xmarks, adblock, smartbookmarks and all are running fine no problems.

  8. Yep, chrome is 50,000 times faster.

    firefox takes .1 second to load the google news page, and chrome loads in .00000001 second.

    I use the time I save to respond to imbeciles here.

  9. I'm looking for a Firefox addon to minimize eyestrain. Any ideas?

    I have experimented with going into Options menu and setting background to black with white text. This seems to help as staring at white background all day is kind of like staring at a light bulb a bit, isn't it? However with the black background setting a few websites' buttons/links are obscured so it's not a perfect solution.
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