Firefox 3.0 is here (fast download mirror)

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  1. Just downloaded, pretty cool. :cool:
  2. luv it.

    IE7 blows chunks.
  3. gaj



    firefox deleted a bunch of my bookmarks.

    fortunately, i saved them first.

    i never d/l'ed things (previously) early on, and will go back to being cautious in the future.

    it appears faster...but the "awesome bar" sucks, and i've already disabled it.
  4. It didn't delete a single one of mine, and I have a ton.

    Why'd you delete the new toolbar?
  5. gaj


    it deleted a few of mine. i found out this was a frequent error during beta testing, don't know why it didn't have a better fix.

    i didn't delete the awesome bar - but rather, went into about:config and set the proper parameters to 0.

    i don't want a ton of options to pop up when i type something in; instead, i just like typing it, or if i want it, clicking on the bookmark. the awesome bar is either loved or hated, i happen to be in the latter.

    (EDIT: i know the bookmarks aren't really "lost" - they're backed up - but if you don't know the backup exists from mozilla, it appears lost. and if nothing was done in 5 days, they WOULD be lost).
  6. I just tried version 3 and removed it. I don't think it is of the maturity of It still has trouble rendering text sizes and with the download box. Your mileage may vary, but I found it fast, but irritating.
  7. I don't like how it "auto fills" the URL box as you enter an URL.


    When I type in about ten results show up with all the threads I visited. I prefer just and then I can navigate on my own from within the site. Anyway to disable this "URL auto fill" feature?
  8. gaj


    that's part of the "awesome box". google disable "awesome box" and you'll get a bunch of solutions.

    add-on oldbox does NOT solve it.

    instead, use the one which gives you "edit this registry option, reset it to 0".
  9. Same here, deleted a bunch of my bookmarks but like someone said, Firefox keeps a 5 day rolling backup of your bookmarks.

    The import bookmarks from file feature of the Bookmarks Manager will add the contents of any bookmarks file in HTML format to your current bookmarks. You can import a bookmark backup file to restore missing bookmarks from within your Mozilla browser as follows:

    * Mozilla Suite/SeaMonkey: "Bookmarks -> Manage Bookmarks... -> Tools -> Import..."
    * Firefox 2.x and earlier: "Bookmarks -> Organize (or Manage) Bookmarks... -> File -> Import... -> from File"
    * Firefox 3: "Bookmarks -> Organize Bookmarks -> Import and Backup -> Import HTML... -> from an HTML File"

    When the file picker appears, navigate to the folder that contains the bookmarks file you wish to use and select that file. Windows 2000/XP/Vista users can navigate to the Firefox profile folder by typing "%APPDATA%" in the file field and pressing Enter, going into Mozilla, then Firefox, then Profiles, then xxxxxxxx.default (where xxxxxxx is any sequence of numbers and characters) then go into the bookmarkbackups folder and select the bookmarks-(date).html file you wish to import [4].

    Note: In Firefox 3, you can use the "Import and Backup ->Restore" feature in the Bookmarks menu (see below) to replace your current bookmarks with a dated backup file.

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