Firefighters Rip Giuliani, Call Him 'Urban Legend'

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  1. Yeah because we all know the firefighters would never use a tragedy like 911 to line their own pockets. They ripped Giuliani because he was the only person with enough guts to stand up to them after 911 and tell them the thousands of monthly dollars in overtime they were receiving to mill around the blast crater was over. They tried this same thing at the time and found to their egotistical amazement people were on Rudy's side. When the NYFD started a fund called "The Twin Towers" and raked in hundreds of millions from people who thought they were donating money to a general relief effort for the benefit of all those affected, I lost all sympathy for those greedy clowns.
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  3. A little off the subject, but I heard a story of an attempt to shoot a porno at ground zero. The story has it that a white production van skreeches to a stop, none other than Peter Piledriver and Bobby Balls jump out wearing robes. Some female stand in for Becky Big Ones gets out ,drops the robe and goes spread eagle on a stack of sandbags. Bobby Balls and Peter Piledriver drop their robes and start bangin the chick.This ends quickly when Port authority cops show up and arrest everybody. Has anybody else heard about this? Oh yea, the name of the movie was "9 or 11, take your pick"

  4. i live 1 block away from the WTC site and i havent heard anything about this. i figure it would have made the local papers at least. im not saying it didnt happen, just that i havent heard anything about it.
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    Any new yorker that supports rudy must be a fucking crack head. The rest of the country doesn't know any better. They see him walking on the street on 9/11 and think he's some type of hero.
  7. Oh please, do you actually think the "rest of the country" sees this guy as a hero. WE don't, but the NYFD are a bunch of tragedy preening jackasses who used 911 to line their own pockets. While thousands of rescue professionals arrived in NYC to donate both their time and materials, the NYFD was charging the city time and half for THEIR efforts. These guys are next to worthless.
  8. rudy lied about not having pre-knowledge of the collapse. you can clearly hear him telling peter jennings that day that he was told they were going to collapse. wonder why he is lying?
  9. Obviously because he is a tool of the Bush/Saudi/Israeli/fundamentalist Christian/al qaeda/jewish/neocon/international bankers conspiracy.

    I give Rudy credit for cleaning up NYC, even if he got a little heavy-handed at the end. The 9/11 stuff, I don't understand. What did he do that any moderately competent local politican wouldn't have done? Is he a hero because he didn't take his limo and head for connecticut?
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