Fire Sale - 3 x 21" Samsung Flat Panels

Discussion in 'Trading' started by ozzy, Jul 4, 2005.

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    Hi All,

    I will be moving very soon and would like to liquidate all my possesions. Here's is a list of what I plan to sell, If your interested PM me and we'll see what we can do.

    Note I live in Toronto Canada.

    3 x 21" Samsung 213T (Flat Panels)
    43" Sony TV (Projection) with DVD and Speakers
    L-Shaped Desk with small cabinet from IKEA
    Dining Table with Chairs (high end)
    Bed with Matress (high end)
    Aeron Chair with Steel legs (New version)
    Suede Couch
    Designer Coffee table (high end)
    Golf Clubs - Big Bertha Callaway Irons + 3,5 Taylormade Drivers
    Norman Guitar - Original cost approx. $1000
    Metastock Professional for eSignal
    Metastock EOD
    HP psc 2410 photosmart all-in-one printer
    HP pocket PC

    Everything is fairly new and will be sold for approxiametly half price). PM if interested. Pictures will be posted shortly.

  2. ozzy

    I'm in Toronto so please let me know when you are ready, I might be very interested especially the monitors and chair!
  3. ozzy


    Hi Samson,

    Here is a Pic of the monitors and chair and the desk (if your interested). The flat panels are silver.

  4. ozzy


    Hi All,

    There has been some interest by a few people in the monitors. Here are the details on the monitors

    Monitor 1,2 - Purchase date ~ 22/01/2005 @ $1322.49 each (price includes tax)
    Monitor 3 - Purchase date ~ 22/01/2005 @ $1190.21

    Monitor 3 was an open box purchase (refurbished). I bought it because it was cheaper. When I went home I noticed that there was one dead pixel on the monitor. I did not return it because saving $130 vs 1 dead pixel was a trade off I could accept. The dead pixel is not noticeable.

    All monitors were bought from Future Shop. Extended Warranty was not purchased. The current price at Best Buy is $1,149.95.

    I could not find the price on Future Shop but it should be simalar since best buy and future shop are the same company.

    There was also interest in the video cards. Yes I can also sell these.

    Video Card # 1 is a ATI Radeon 9800 AGP
    Video Card # 2 is a Diamond 9200 PCI

    Since there are a few people interested I will take the best offer. The monitors are approxiametly 6 months old.

    Let the bidding begin.

  5. ozzy


    More stuff for sale.

    I also have a Lifecycle for sale (you know the bikes you use at the gym) and an XBOX with quite a few games and DVD's

    Everything's gotta go.


  6. ozzy


    Here's some more detailed info.

    Aeron Chair
    Aeron Chair size C, single stage pneumatic, tilt-limiter and seat angle, fully adustable arms, non-upholstred armpads, Posture-Fit, aluminum base, graphite frame finish, carbon classic pellicle, hard castors.

    Lifecycle - C7 Model

    46" TV Sony KP46WT500 Model

    I bought the 5 year extended warranty for this. The TV was purchased on 03/06/2005.

    I have receipts for everything.
  7. ozzy,

    what is the lowest price you will accept on the TV and flat panels? i will need to ship them to USA, hence my question. pm me if you wish.

    thanks !
  8. ozzy


    The TV is "BIG". I think shipping it to US would not be practical. I think there are some online websites in the US which offer the 213T for a very good price. I think for this situation its best to buy in person.


  9. thanks ozzy.
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    Nice office ozzy. :cool:
    By the way.. are you not planning to trade anymore in the future?
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