fire in the sky

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  2. Great picture. can you imagine what effect that would have on you if you were a stone age man who had no concept of how it happened. it would scare the hell out of you. is it any wonder that early man thought there must be a god up there showing his displeasure?
  3. All praise to the divine
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    is that God or Satan?
  5. its neither. its static electricity. the point being that ignorance of nature gave rise to many gods. the first religions probably all started because of some natural act precieved as a god.
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    are you saying there is no God?
  7. what does the evidence show? and no, a book written by stone age men does not count as evidence.
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    take a look at the "Daily Hotties" then tell me again there is no God :D
  10. are you nailing those hotties? Then there's your answer :D

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