Fire at Fermilab????????

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    I'm out in the western suburbs of Chicago, and at lunch I saw 2 huge clouds of smoke, so being nosy I drove to see where it was coming from. I was pretty shocked that when I got to the end of the road I was at one of the gates to Fermilab. Haven't seen anything on the news, and don't know if it's anything major, but my gut feeling is that large clouds of smoke from Fermilab are NOT a good thing.

    Like I said, may be nothing, I'm not 100% that it is Fermilab, but I drove around 2 sides of the perimeter (it's a HUGE complex) and it looked like it HAS to be coming from inside there.

    I hope it's nothing catastrophic (probably would've heard something already), and it's probably nothing, but just wanted to see if anyone else in Chicago had heard anything.

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    Still nothing on the news that I've seen, so apparently it's nothing to get worked up about. Just freaked me out when I got to the origin of the smoke and the gate said "Fermilab," but things must be under control because they are not blocking off roads or anything.

  3. Fermilab is located beneath a nature preserve, so perhaps it was just a brush fire.
  4. you will be walking towards a bright light when you realize something really bad happened there. :D
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    I suppose it's possible (and let's hope), but there was/is some pretty dense smoke coming from there -- and a lot of it.
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    That's what I was initially afraid of -- and right now I'm thinking -- why the hell was I driving toward it:eek: :eek:

  7. If Fermi blows us all up here in the U.S. then we have CERN in Geneva to finish the rest off. :eek:
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    Whatever it was is out. No more smoke billowing from that area, thank god. Now we just have to wait for the fall-out:p

    If I lose the any of the already thinning hairs on my head cuz of this I'm gonna be pissed:eek: :eek: :eek:

  9. thanks for the info. this is what makes ET a very cool place....

    surfer :)
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    What is Fermilab???
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