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  1. Verizon is offering cheap deals on FIOS. How does it stack up against Time Warner Cable which I now use?
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    I'm in have used both I like fios better for the internet seems faster to me. I could be wrong but thats just my thought.

  3. Cable has nothing on FIOS. If you can get it, grab it and don't look back. Internet is rock solid.

    I had comcast cable for over a decade and then 2 years ago switched to FIOS. My contract just came up and after my renewal, I now have 35/35 internet; it was 20/5.
  4. I have seen very few complaints about FIOS, but I haven't lived in Verizon area. I have Comcast 12 and 2 and its fine. They have 100 and 10, but I can't use the extra bandwidth so why bother. I am not hosting LAN pary and don't online game. My latency from Denver to Chi is 43 ms damn fast enough.
  5. Fios solid. I switched about 2 years ago after repeated internet problems in my area with cable. They just could not get signal to be reliable with cablevision and it was not worth my time anymore. Made the switch and just solid. Very fast. I have not has a problem once since and very happy. The bundle is a great deal also. Phone, tv, internet for a great price.

    The TV- HDTV is unbelievable. night and day compared to cable. That was a big difference.
  6. Just found out I need to wait till FIOS gets to me ... lol. From the unanimous opinion I can see it is a must switch the first chance they give me.

    Thanks for the quick & definitive responses. A bit surprised it is not mentioned more.
  7. A shame verizon recently accounced they would slow the pace of fios buildout . . . now no reason for time warner to fix this pos connection :)
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    FIOS is excellent, in my experience -- significantly better than anything else I've used (various other DSL's, cable), especially in terms of its having hardly any downtime and very high bandwidth.

  9. Call again. VZ phone reps are not very helpful, and you may get different answers per person. My commercial unit is in a building that was prepped for Fios by VZ techs last year. Last week a salesperson from VZ came in to offer us DSL, stating that Fios was unavailable. After I showed him the tubing and mounting board, he admitted their cust service may be lacking.
    I have Fios in my home. Good picture, fast internet.
    As far as a build-out in fiber, that sounds accurate. There is a newer tract of homes built near mine, with buried utilities. VZ has told them they will not be offering Fios on that street.
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    Geez, I live in Manhattan. It's STILL not available.

    Based on the information you entered,
    FiOS Internet is currently not available in your area.
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