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  1. Got FIOS.

    35 Megabit Up and Down. Real speed. 24/7.


    If you can get it , its a no brainer.

    Now I can watch the bots flash and trade ahead of THEM.

  2. You left out the key statistic, the ping time to your broker's server.
  3. palawan


    your wep key may be as easy as a website away from casual hackers.

    i haven't tried the tool, so i don't know if it works or not. there's a lot of danger to people getting into your network. ettercap (mitm), sidejacking (hamster and ferret), and other stuff.
  4. Eight


    Wow, I wanted fios but I had a weird feeling about it... WEP was found to be weak years ago, Verizon needs to get real with their technology... I don't have good feelings about them at all..
  5. Wilt


    I thought WEP required a pw to get on your network. How is it easy to breach without the network password? Also, if you have a wireless router and you plug your pc into it, doesn't that eliminate any weak security with using wireless?


  6. You are not forced to use WEP or their modem for wireless.

    I have FIOS. I run their modem via cable to my own router and to my own switch. My wireless router support WPA2 and is N compatible. The modem they supply only supports b/g not n. I have wireless on the verizon modem disabled.

    And if you do use their modem and WEP, just filter access via the MAC address of your laptop.
  7. ping time is 11 ms

    I connect via wired to my trading computer, I don't think there's any security issue in that. May even be more secure than cable, but who knows.

    New router version handles wpa2 for wireless in any case.
  8. palawan


    wep is not secured. 64bit wep can usually be cracked within 5 minutes (given the right tools ie. wifi card that supports monitor/injection). 128bit requires a lot more iv's which delays the cracking process, usually takes about 10-15 minutes. all of these are contingent on a good wifi signal to the "hacker" and some network traffic on the network (whether from the wireless or the wired network)

    google aircrack

    wpa/2 is very secured. just don't use a word for a password. the only method to crack wpa/2 is dictionary/brute-force, both of which take too much time to perform.

    someone connected on the wireless network poses a security risk on the wired connections, unless there is a firewall/router of some type that separates the wireless and the wired networks.

    ettercap (man in the middle), sidejacking. ettercap with sslstrip plugins can possibly grab bank/broker passwords eventhough the websites are https security.
  9. Bob111


    it is more secure than cable. right now you most likely having dedicated line between you and verizon. cable is shared network. during a bad weekend all neighborhood jumps on internet-speed die. regarding security-i;m using fios for like 5 years already. never saw anything suspicious in router log. but if this is not enough and if you "must" have wireless for rest of the family-use cascade routing. wireless first(all family can use it, WPA2,MAC address enabled off course+ strong password), then-wired router for trading connected into wireless.