Fios and upgrade vs. Comcast

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by forsalenyc, Oct 31, 2011.

  1. I've been using Comcast 16/4(down/up) for 2 years now. Recently, my speed has dropped from 12ms to 32ms(ping), which causes my charting to freeze frequently. I called up Comcast, and all they can find is that I have strong signals, and my download/upload is good. and they'll charge me for a technician to come over and check it out. In a nutshell, comcast reps are incompetent when it comes to fixing my problem.

    So I spoke with my next door neighbor few days ago. He checks his speed, and gets 5ms delay(fios). down/upload speeds are similar, which doesn't seem to matter much as long as it's not too low. so I'm considering switching to fios asap.

    My question is: have any of you had the experience of upgrading your fios service from 15/5 to 25/15 or 50/20(or even beyond)? was there a significant improvement in speed(ping)? I appreciate your thoughtful feedbacks.
  2. Seriously no one has upgraded fios?
  3. FIOS FTTP is superior technology compared to Comcast cable technology.

    Higher FIOS speeds will not give you better ping times.

    The width of the pipe from you to your ISP (upload/download speed) has nothing to do with the length of the pipe (time to travel on ISP network to web server and back).