Discussion in 'Trading' started by mikolo, Aug 2, 2003.

  1. mikolo


    hi traders,

    Have you ever tried spreadbetting?? did you use finspreads trading platform?? do you think its ok??

    i want to try this kind of trading/investing...

    if you can, write advantages or disadvantages...

  2. stevet


    in comparison to futures there are no advantages and lots of disadvantages
  4. Frege


  5. OK when starting off, however try to upgrade to futures as soon as possible. With spreadbetting you trade against the spreadbetting company. Spreadbetting is not applicable to US citizens.
  6. MTE


    Exactly, spreadbetting is illegal in the US.

    Spreadbetting, spot FX, CFDs all the same....
  7. 1000


    All spreadbetting firms are exactly what they say they are, a bunch of bookies. They make sure that you never win.

    Yes I have used several spreadbetting platforms and the key is not so much in the platform as it is in the fact that the spreadbetters set the rules and change them as they see fit.

    Also you will never know if your bet is actually placed on the exchange or on a simulator.

    Plus they can screw up your bets and they cannot even be held accountable.

    They say one thing but do something else (yeah, like they are regulated)!