FINRA Exam Training Now on iPods

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    Earlier this month, Knopman Financial Training unveiled the Video iPass, the first program that allows students to watch FINRA exam prep classes on an iPod.

    With the Video iPass, students may download an entire class, complete with simultaneous video slide presentation and audio lectures, onto a video iPod. The program is available for the Series 3, 6, 7, 24, 55, 63, and 66.

    VIP is the latest offering from Knopman Financial Training Services, one of the country’s foremost providers of training for the FINRA qualification examinations. It is essentially a fusion of two programs already offered by Knopman: Knopman Internet Training (the KIT) and iPass. The former allows students to take classes online, while the latter allows them to download audio lectures to an iPod or comparable mp3 player.

    The Video iPass comes with some solid extras, such as practice exams and fact sheets that are constantly updated. Perhaps the most significant VIP accessory is the instructor access: students are provided with an instructor’s personal contact information so that they may reach them anytime for questions or additional support.

    Making sure that students receive personal attention has been of utmost concern to Mr. Knopman since founding Knopman Financial Training in 1991. He has the longest tenure of any active instructor for the FINRA qualification examinations.

    Knopman Financial Training’s students’ pass rates far exceed the national average. It remains the only company that provides iPod study material for the FINRA exams.