Finra And Hedge Funds

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    I live in NYC

    HI All,
    My questions are ONLY regarding FINRA’s level of regulation over Hedge Funds.

    I’m going to exaggerate the details of my situation/predicament, to avoid airing out my own dirty laundry on the internet.

    Details of my situation:

    1. I was convicted of a finance-related felony 1 year ago. I served no jail time.
    2. I want to work at that hedge fund in the capacity of a trader.
    3. I’ve spent 8 years getting a PhD in financial engineering, and am well-equipped to work as a “quant” at a hedge fund.
    4. My father is close friends with a hedge fund Manager who hires a lot of quants. So close, in fact, that the hedge fund manager is willing to overlook my past.

    The only regulatory body I know that could preclude me from working in finance is FINRA and FDIC. I know a hedge fund is not an bank, so I reckon I only have to worry about FINRA.

    My questions to you all:
    1. Given my goals and predicament, DO I have to worry about FINRA? (Y/n)
    2. Does Finra currently regulate Hedge Funds to the extent that they preclude Felons from working as Hedge fund traders? (y/n)

    If so, could you provide me with a link or two to where this is enumerated?

    3. If I don’t have to worry about FINRA , what other regulatory agencies might I have to worry about in my situation?

    Anon in NYC
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    If you're not barred from the industry by FINRA or the SEC, and they are willing to hire you, I don't see any issues. There are some rules that require a hedge fund to register with the SEC, however I don't think general employees have to. If their compliance officer is not worried, go for it. No one else will hire you with your background,.
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    I seriously thought that demonstrating so early on some patterns of dishonesty would get his private message flooded by offers... then I realised he got caught, and that makes all the difference.