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  1. ScalpGuy


    Any traders from Finland?
  2. Tobbic


    I am. I'm just starting trading; i have more experience with longer term investing (stocks, funds, bonds, etc..).
    Nice to hear there are others :)
  3. ScalpGuy


    Hi. Nice to hear you too.

    I sent a PM for you.
  4. Tell me how you avoid the government taking all your money. I lived there in 2001 and they were very good at keeping your money.
  5. Tobbic


    The tax rate for capital income (income from stocks.. etc.) is 28%. However, the tax rate for wage income is much higher and progressive. But it's not so much of an issue for investor/trader.
  6. ScalpGuy


    Yes capital income is 28% and you can get dividend about 9% of your companys free equity for 0% tax up to 90000 euros / year. After this it's 28%.

    Best way is to live over 6 months somewhere else maybe at Zug, Switzerland ;)
  7. An Estonian buddy of my set up a company recently, and pays zero tax supposedly. Sounds nice to me.
  8. ScalpGuy


    Hmm. What I know is that in Estonia the Company does not have to pay any taxes until it's going to move money out of the country.

    But correct me if I it goes other way...
  9. Kind of pointless keeping it there... You are probably right. Good for locals, bad for foreigners.
  10. futuman


    It's sad those megalomaniac morons sold the derivatives market to eurex.
    Look at the FOX now, three out of five days zero contracts traded, where the OMXS trades 40K+ a day. The finnish index derivatives market is dead and buried.
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