Fingerprinting Visitors to USA!?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Lightningsmurf, Jan 5, 2004.

  1. Apparently the States couldn't think of an easier way to lower world opinion of their country so they have officially branded people from all countries (with some Anglo-Saxon "exemptions") as criminals. Visitors to the US will now be fingerprinted upon entry - way to be a melting pot, guys!

    I can't believe they are going through with this nonsense, the repercussions are huge. First, America's world rep has taken a MAJOR hit the last few years. World opinion of the States is at an all time low and this isn't going to improve matters. Second, the potential for racial profiling abuse is going to make American civil rights take a big step backwards. Third, the tourism industry is going to be killed - why go to the Grand Canyon when you can go to Niagra in Canada and not be treated like a criminal. The list goes on.....

    Obviously major steps in the fight against terrorism are required and I'm not so liberal that I begrudge the US gov't taking reasonable steps. But it seems that all the recent major efforts by the States have had the effect of curtailing civil liberties. America is rapidly becoming the home of the used-to-be free and home of the brave.
  2. Taking heavy precautions with <b>Islamic</b> visitors to our country makes perfect sense to me.

    Taking the exact same precautions with Brazilians, South Koreans, Peruvians and any other non-Muslim foreigners who have never done anything at all to terrorize us - makes absolutely no sense at all.
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    Wow, I am out of the loop. I had no idea that was happening. I saw some "science fiction" thing about putting little chips in our arms. I really do not know what to say.
    I think this is going to impact toursim in the US. Businesses are already turning to video confrencing and the like instead of air travel for their execs. I think we are going to see a lot more airline bankrupsties.
    I do not travel by air anymore. It is just not practical for people with medical problems since the security is known to set off pacemakers and defibrillators.