Finger Length Predicts Success

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  1. Yeah I found that interesting. Somebody should do a poll, but then most wouldn't vote honestly probably.

    But the cool thing is, I have been profitable for years...and sure as hell - my ring finger is longer than my index! :D
  2. Mine comes from pulling a first marriage wedding band off of a fat finger after 33 years so I could get the second marriage band on.
  3. LOL...

    ...that was funny stuff in the seventh grade. Then I fucked Mary Cisneros, the hottest cheerleader...and I am.

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  5. I found Mary in the Yearbook

    I'll spare you the rest of the team
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    I can't figure this out. Is my ring finger or index finger longer?
  7. where the hell's the thumb?? :confused:
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    He's both handed.
  9. That's very funny.

    Correct if I'm wrong...were you the skinny little bitch standing in front of that white hummer?

    My bad if I'm wrong. I'll find the HDD tomorrow.

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