fine the BOTS!

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  1. this is getting out of hand

    you cannot "flash 100 or 500 or 1000 etc and not honor your quote in commodities / futures markets

    there should be a rule

    the more contracts shown the more seconds or minutes you
    have to be willing to buy or sell at the price you are "spoofing"
    or flashing your make believe order

    or the firm ( s ) behind this practice should be willing to be fined
    until the CFTC and the exchanges say "little BOT" you cannot do this in our products and markets

    go to a casino mr BOT and play poker instead

  2. why dont you take out their bids or offers? Those ARE real bids or offers. How long someone shows them is up to them, or do you want to be told how long you keep your bids or offers in the market?
  3. I do at times take out a couple but I do not have the firepower/ buying power to

    take on a bunch of whales at their damn game

    nor do I care to be around if they decide to do their normal game

    that looks like this

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    They can place whatever bids or offers they want, and pull them whenever they want... as long as they're not getting advance information of your order coming into the market. If they have that information and are pulling orders based on it, that's a problem.
  5. i don't know if CME is rebates these folks like the NYSE.........but, if the exchanges are subsidizing specific types of liquidity..........then.....scalping with limits is making you less competitive. isn't it? you aren't being subsidized like they are. then it would seem to me....that you would be providing a service to the market by using market orders when you want to trade...

    i don't trade futs, so i may be out to lunch on this.
  6. That's still a BS market allowing for a lot of games to be played. There really ought to be cancellation fees in order for a lot of these jokers to quit their crap. That goes for futures as well as stocks.

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    Maybe so, but this is nothing new... computers have been around for a while trading the market like that. I highly doubt that they're going to change it any time soon, because they add liquidity and increase the fees collected by the exchange. Personally I just ignore the level 2 most of the time... you have to adapt!
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    Is there a way to determine if accumulation / distribution stage is over.. from the mathematical prespective ( other than short spread, high volume ..etc )... may be by looking at dayly delta for a period of time?... are there any books on that?
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    If you didn't use DOM, you wouldn't care at all.

    If you do and there tactics are bothering you. They figured out what you and others are doing and beating you at it.

    Stop Crying.
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    Or, just use the DOM and do the exact opposite of what you would normally do. If you see a big offer buy, if you see a big bid sell. The name of the game is adaptation.
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