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  1. I'm a twenty-six year old student who is about to finish his PhD in Economic History at the LSE. I've had two internships at Investment Banks and I've written a column in the student newspaper on the stock market. I've traded my own PA with reasonable success (though I had to suspend my account for the last few months because of the demands of teaching and my thesis).

    The problem is that all the places I've interviewed at (including the aformentioned IBanks) find me too 'dour' for them.

    Does anyone know of any reputable firms that are looking for graduates? I'm in debt so I can't daytrade or do anything that involves borrowing money and I need something that will guarantee me a steady income while giving me reasonable chances of progression.

    Something like:

    - Prop trading firms
    - Small IDB firms
    - Stockbrokers (research)
  2. too dour?
  3. Main Entry:
    \ˈdu̇r, ˈdau̇(-ə)r\
    Middle English, from Latin durus hard — more at during
    14th century
    1 : stern, harsh
    2 : obstinate, unyielding
    3 : gloomy, sullen
  4. Unfortunately most of the city recruitment firms are either focused on back/middle office (compliance/accounting etc) or are interested in people with several years experience. I actually interviewed with one of the two firms that you mentioned but they needed hardcore quant people.

    In terms of 'dour', I mean to say that I'm not a backslapping life-and-soul of the party type person. I'm not obnoxious or rude, just that I'm not someone who could sell ice to the Eskimos.