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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Adobian, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Adobian


    Would you rather find a stock the bring you 1000 percent a year, or would you rather trade ?

    I found some oil stocks that jumps incredibly over the last few years or so, before pulling back down.

    How hard is it ?

    Would you rather buy and hold at the right time, than trade in and out, wasting your life away in front of a screen ?
  2. look here ... it is easy to look back in time and say

    I had a 10 bagger or 100 bagger ....

    " all in " as they say ...

    but in the meantime ... if one is able to return

    10 - 100 times their original acct in actively trading

    then ... does it really matter ?

    depends on which is easier ... to do ...

  3. dchang0


    Finding another rocket-ship like Google isn't too hard. Just watch the IBD 100 and look for fast-risers. They start out near the bottom of the list and climb like a single climbing the Billboard chart. By the time the stock hits the top ten, enough people have seen it to start piling in, and the stock takes off.

    I have personally seen this exact sort of behavior happen with:

    TASR, TZOO, YHOO, EBAY, among others. I made money offa all of those by using the Billboard approach. Every single top performing stock shows up on the IBD 100--thanks to their screening algorithms.

    But now I trade the e-minis, because you can make (and lose) money a helluva lot faster than waiting for a stock to take off. And with e-minis, you can make good money with a much smaller account than stocks. So I guess that answers your question...
  4. Keep an eye on the stocks that are making new-highs, day after day, week after week, i.e. GOOG, QCOM et al. That's what the 10,000-banger stocks look like. The tough part is holding on for the entire ride.
  5. Adobian


    I am willing to learn from winners. Are you making money ? Where can I start to learn more about trading e-minis ? Thanks.

    Oh, btw, which broker are you using for trading ? Do you use Charts ? Thanks
  6. Adobian,

    They are not mutually exclusive. Do both. Buy the high flyers and trade with the remaining capital.
  7. yes ... I have been thinking of tinkering with that approach

    taking some spare change from my trading account

    and building a portfolio of names and perhaps even using options

    if those stocks have listed options on them

    my goal would be to return more than money market rates or beat a few of the indices

    maybe I would through some ETF's into the mix

  8. I've been using google sinse the 8th grade (1999). My senior year in High School I told my parents that I wanted them to contact my money manager and put all my money in google @ the IPO.

    The IPO was like what?..85 a share, and went as high as 475?

    I coulda been a millionaire by now, and I'm only 20. But did anyone listen to me..NO!. Did Yahoo, Microsoft, Ebay, Amazon..did their IPO's fail..NO..

    Thats ok, I'm young, I can wait a few more years.
    - nathan
  9. Must one have a subscription in order to watch the IBD 100?