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  1. Is there an easy way to find housing overseas over the internet? Any websites?

    Obviously one of the benefits of daytrading is that I can be anywhere in the world as long as I have access to a reliable internet connection.

    I am currently in CA but am looking to live overseas for a few months to learn a new language and explore new culture.

    I'm thinking Spain (perhaps Barcelona) but how do I go about finding some temporary housing where I can stay for 3-6 months???
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    Your first decision is selecting a band of time zones.

    If you love staying up all night, move to aussie
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    Also check out . There is a craigslist for over 200 world cities and areas, nearly half outside the US. All in English, for the most part.

    Spain has 4: Barcelona, Madrid, Sevilla, Valencia. Besides responding to ads, for best results you may want to place your own "housing wanted" ad.
  5. Yes, I considered craigslist, but I would be hesitant to set something up with someone overseas without any "official" commitment.

    For local transactions, I think craigslist is fantastic, but for overseas, who knows what I'm getting....
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    Interesting viewpoint.

    If you are that concerned, why not plan taking a short advance trip to look at a bunch of places and lock one in, in person? Might be worth it.
  7. You could "crash" in a youth hostel(s).
  8. you know how long a trip it is to bareclona from california? thats why you have the internet & a phone these days, you have to make some calls & network to find something that is right for you.
  9. Careful with Barcelona. If you can find cheap hotel for a week or so - do that.
    When you get there, than you use that week to browse local papers for rentals.
    Don't ever give deposit ahead of time, like now. Whatever you wire from CA, trust me, you ain't getting back.

    You will find much better prices in local papers then on internet, trust me. Hit the center, go to Internet cafes and places populated with students, you will find a lot of posted ads on walls...

    Living in Bcn is going to be expensive, with the exchange rate @ 1.40 or whatever it is now. But no worries, place is great, subway in Barcelona is cheap and better than in Chicago, so enjoy the weather...300 sunny days a year.
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