Finding small good performing funds

Discussion in 'Trading' started by optimist, Aug 15, 2001.

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    I am looking for more traders to manage client funds. Ideally 1,2 or 3 man bands. Pleased to have any recommendations. Funds are offshore. Looking for min 18 month track record.

    Kindest regards, Optimist.

    (I'd rather be sailing!)
  2. optimist,
    You can try They ask participants to come up with virtual portfolios and rank their performance accordingly. Those who turn out to be the best are invited to serve as actual mutual fund managers. Many of the participants outform the markets as well as most of the fund managers out there.


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    Nice thought - thanks for the idea, but that's too risky for me or my clients. I'm really looking for traders who already have a proven track record above 100% pa for at least 18 months. Anyone at that level and interested?

    Kindest regards, Optimist.
  4. you care to mention what kind of payout, and what the size of the funds will be?
  5. optimist,
    Sorry my suggestion doesn't meet your expectations. As an alternative, you might be want to try professional trading firms. I'm sure there are interested and qualified traders who will meet your criteria.

  6. I'd love to manage a fund. I have a decent record of return. I'm not sure if you're looking for someone from this board to offer his services or not, but if so, email me at