Finding programmers for Grey or Black Boxes

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by talgg, Aug 10, 2005.

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    I have an idea of an automated system i would like to run. At this point i would like to have somebody build a program that will spit out a list of stocks based on my criteria.

    Can i get some suggestions as to where i can find programmers who can do this for me???

  2. What languages are you looking for? What exchanges/systems are you writing to?

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    you get what you pay for. if the programmer charges less then $85/hr, they are sub-par
  6. Tell that to the shops in india doing most of the development work for a variety of wall street firms, and for several large silcon valley firms.

    The effective rate of these ventures is between 10.00 and 25.00 dollar per hour US equivalent.

    Competing on price ? Ain't gonna happen.

    Competing on personal relationships ? Well, only until the board and stockholders catch on and demand you cut expenses to the industry standard ... 85 per hour rates for development, or even project management are largely a thing of the past......
  7. Which firms? Can you name few, for proprietary
    languages, ... not real languages, as it's not something
    unusual to find cheap real language developers
  8. like going to a donut shop and asking if there's a cop in the house.
  9. I dont hang around donut shops and I dont do referrals except to people I know ... I'm sure the "cops" will show up though <g>....
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