Finding out who is placing these orders

Discussion in 'Trading' started by WhiteOut56, Apr 11, 2011.

  1. I have the times of several orders (not executed orders) for a wide variety of stocks.

    Is it possible to find out who placed them?
  2. Sure, google the timestamp and enter fAtChAnCe1nh3ll, along with the symbol of course. That's if you want the names and addresses.

    If you just want the ECN or Market maker you'd need to access the book at the time.
  3. How about actual executed trades. I want to see who in on the opposite end
  4. Bob111


    me too :D
  5. piezoe


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  6. no you don't. when you find out you just got owned by a kid trading from his crib, you won't be happy.


    that bob, always buying right at major resistance, SOLD to the chaser.