Finding news on selected stocks

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  1. Is there anywhere where I can take a laundry list of stocks and put them in a search function and the program will tell me the stocks that have News like "upgrades / downgrades" earnings...

  2. I have a Platinum account, it allows you to create a WatchList of up to 100 tickers, and you can set it up for e-mail alerts whenever there is an article about one of the tickers.
  3. awesome thanks
  4. calbot


    You can use the StockSpy program to have upgrades/downgrades and earnings flagged on the chart.

    "Stock Spy's unique NewsChart technology makes it easy to see
    correlations between stock news and stock price activity directly on
    the stock chart"

    Click on "earnings" in the price keywords box to list only news with
    the "earnings" keyword.

    It also does the keyword flagging for news alerts.