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  1. Hi guys,it's Sophia from China, who are quite interested in the stock market outside China.
    Is there anyone who is kind enough to provide some websites for me to look up more information?
    Thank you guys so much.
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  3. comagnum


  4. Gambit


    I'll throw out an unusual link: Focuses on the Indian markets but U.S. markets as well.
  5. toc


    yahoo finance has forums for individual stocks also

    you can always start a thread on ET and some might discuss both fundamental and technical issues with the stock.
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  7. Forums are more poison then usefulness, in my simple weird humble opinion.
    They're ok for semi-good general market wisdom...but nothing should be etched in stone from anyone.

    You mention Forums and Websites for stock information -- those are completely two different things and purposes.
    Forums are for loose talk, and Websites are for factual information.

    It would also help if you would state your specific goal or purpose you're trying to accomplish or need from all of this.
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  8. I'll try thanks.
  9. hi, firstly thanks for your opinion. The reason why i'm looking for the forums and both the websites is that i have some opinions on the NEEQ market in China(i'm posting some essays on pubic forums in china), which i want to share in the English forums. At the same time, i wanna know more about the market in like US or UK, thus i can fulfill my essays.
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