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  1. At one time, Gordon was the most notorious card counter in all of Las Vegas. After he was banned from virtually every casino in the world, he turned his talents to trading.

    After quickly turning his blackjack stake into a small fortune, he became bored with his easy success and opened a cozy casino which is doing quite well.

    Now he asks questions on trader websites and amuses himself by reading all the silly advice he gets.
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  2. BSAM


    Maybe I'm just way off base here, but does anybody think Gordon and Aphie are the same person?:)

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  3. The sad part about it is, what Gordon really wants is a challenge, something that will be hard for him to achieve. But everything he touches turns to gold almost effortlessly.

    So he sits in his mansion overlooking his cozy little casino on the shores of the tropical sea and creates this fantasy where life is hard and he must struggle to succeed.

    And when he signs off from his computer after reading all the posts he shakes his head and wistfully thinks, "If only life were really that complicated."
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  4. BSAM,

    I can assure you that I post enough as it is -- I wouldn't have the extra time to be Gordon.
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    Gotta admit you have a point there.:cool:

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  6. Ot oh. I definitely think, respectfully of course, that Alphie is <i>someone.</I> After all, he does have the other user ID, <i>Aphexcoil.</i> Alph, tell me you're not another incarnation of FPC.

    But Gordon? Gordon, I don't think you'd do that....would you?
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  7. I think he is Lundy :p

    But thanks to the beautiful ignore function that Barron implemented --- HE NO LONGER EVEN EXISTS for me :D
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  8. Gordy is Gordy, and there is no other.
    He is a fine boy, and he is only himself.
    That Aphie is a nice boy too!
    Chasinfla is a nice boy.
    Commisso is a nice boy.
    Most of you are nice boys.
    I wish you would find some nice girls!!!

    LOL Hehehehehe LMAO
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