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    What have been some of your methods besides advertising to find good traders. I'd rather hunt the good ones than have thousands of mediocre ones contact me. Due to the economy may good traders and licensed brokers have been laid off and I've been using a variety of methods to contact them. Also can I get a list of brokers who got U-5'd by specific companies from either the company or NASD?
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    basically all you need is a flashlight, a stick, and a bag.. then you wait until about midnight and have some friends drop you out in the woods.. hold the bag open and whack the stick on the ground in short bursts.. pretty soon you'll have a whole bag full..

    yes, i know it seems alot like snipe hunting.. but youll get better results with my method than anything your competition gives you.. come on man, do you really think the other firms are going to hand you their prospect list? =)

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    That's just too funny....:D

    Nice one Qwik.

  4. Arnott-

    You could always give the good one's a 200% payout.

    Seriously, ex-brokers and traders used to trading "order-flow" rarely make great traders that must generate their own ideas and trade them.
  5. Most so called "good traders" actually do trade order flow or trade off their supervisory roles at their firm, where the average DayTrading firm has dozens of traders, and they see what these guys have/are doing....

    Many of these traders are like bricks in a wall without mortar, hence, remove their support and their worth is self evident (deflated through dropping to the ground).

    Good traders can enunciate their ideas, or methods and have a reasonably good expectation that these described events can and do occur frequently and often and reliably. Otherwise, every fool gets lucky ONCE
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    cashonly Bright Trading, LLC

    So once you find these "good traders", what are you going to do with them?
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    i am looking for good traders to hire. E mail me at I trade for Worldco and am building a team.

    Great traders please apply.
  8. Is worldco hiring traders or bringing people in to the LLC