Finding Gaps before the open.

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    Hello all. I am relatively new to trading, and have been trying to identify a method to find gaps before the open.

    I am trying to find price differences between close and pre-market, or between close and post-market.

    It seems that many of the free websites and tools available only show data based on live market action or previous day's action.

    For instance, screener appears to show yesterday's data when screening for gaps (under the technical tab). (perhaps I am configuring something incorrectly)

    Etrade's Clearstation website Tag & Bag > Technical Events shows updated info during market hours, but I don't see a way to identify gaps before the open.

    I used Etrade's Strategy Scanner within Power Etrade Pro to search for post/pre-market gaps (vetted for volume and price range) but either it didn't work correctly, or I'm doing something wrong, because the results didn't correspond to real market prices. It found "gap-ups" but the price was lower than the previous close... so.. data delayed? I dunno..

    I noticed that IB's TWS has a Percent Gainer/Loser close-to-open strategy scanner, but I want to identify changes before the open.

    This was one of the reasons that I'm interested in IB's API interface, so I can write a program to perform scans on a selected group of symbols before the open, but I would bet that someone/something else is already configured to do this.

    Or.. maybe what I'm looking for is available only for a price.. and if so, where? Definitely interested.

    Any pointers in the right direction are greatly appreciated.

    Thanks guys! (and girls, if you're out there)
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    murray tt. Used to play those quit a bit.

    Most good uptrends gap up, from close - to next day open.
    And most good downtrends gap down, from close-to next days open.Repeat pattern, repeat patterns.

    Think i got mone WOW[Window on wall Street[ Think they sold out.
    CNBC mentions them, premarket.
    first stock i clicked on NFLX, gapped down very typical ''percent declines.''
    I do more swing/ positiontrading/investing now;
    trend is friend/so are gaps...............................................
    Not a prediction.

    Plenty of action;
    but requires a lot of study, including fundamentals.Oil stocks gapped up lots one year, but takeovers/uptrends were common, so beware.:D