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  1. I am a current student at Rider Univeristy and I have been trading penny stocks for 6yrs, day trading them for about a year now and doing quite well. I have begun applying at a few locations for summer internship programs and I am awaiting to hear back from some companies.

    Does anyone have any advice as to a decent prop. trading firm or a trading firm that will be willing to speak to a NON-IVY league student with a 3.9 and an excellent understanding of the financial markets? I am 7 & 66 licensed already (used to be a financial advisor) and i want to trade....this is my passion...all help and guidance would be greatly appreciated as I know from my own research this is a vigorous process and simply finding an internship is in itself a challenge.
    I am extremely driven and focused, I am also networking nd using all options available, please advise.

    Thank you for your replies in advance.
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    If you been trading for 6 years and have a passion then you should not need any help. You should be wealthy!

    Seriously, there aren't any jobs in trading. Most of the prop firms are scams. I'm sure there are tons of boring finance jobs though.
  4. Why not get a part time job, in the afternoon/night , and trade day time futures ? Be your own boss not a slave - isnt that what trade is about ?
  5. I think you will need to do it on your own. There are some great successes on this board from people who have done it on their own so don't let it discourage you. One of the first and most important things you can do is learn how to backtest strategies. I would start with that.
  6. I hear you...I took this semester off from trading to focus on classes...I have done well for myself, but still not on the level I want to be on. In May I will pick back up again.

    I am still looking for hedge fund internships and trading assistant internships...if anyone knows where I can get in let me know. I kno once I am given the opportunity, I can land a FT position.

    Thanks again for all help.
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    What are majoring in?
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    If you want to get in where you might could work into a trading position then check out Hess' site. They have several commodity trading related positions listed. Make sure you view both the Corporate and M&R sections, as there are positions in both sections. Good luck.
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  10. "then check out Hess' site"

    What is the actual web address? All I could pull up was Hess corp...
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