Finding a stock's sector

Discussion in 'Trading' started by DATTrader, Oct 9, 2001.

  1. Anyone know how to quickly (eg type a symbol and that's it) find out what sector/subsector any given stock is in?
  2. roger2

    roger2 then enter symbol for quote - only one step but you have to kill one or more pop-ups enter symbol then choose one of Quick/Interactive/Java chart, then click "See Industry" - two steps but no pop-ups then enter symbol and click "Get", then click "Profile" on the Quotes page - again, two steps but no pop-ups

    note that MarketGuide and Yahoo share one sector/industry grouping scheme and BigCharts uses a different one (FWIW Briefing has yet another)

    BigCharts' links "Industries" and "Industry Analyzer" are useful for comparisons
  3. This isn't quite what you want and you've probably already run across it, but I'll just mention that Quicken has very detailed screening by sector and many other variables, but it doesn't go down to the ticker level.