Finding a recplacement metal bracket for a video card for the chassis

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by jmiles301, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. Hello all,

    Just a quick question...

    I just received an Nvidia NVS 420 quad card, but it came with a smaller metal bracket for a smaller computer and so the only way I can use it in my current workstation is if I detach the bracket and install the card without any form of stabilization, so I was wondering if anyone was aware of any place where I could buy a replacement bracket for my bigger workstation chassis (DELL T3400)?

    I can install the card now and it will work fine, but I would prefer to have it completely stabilized to the computer as opposed to having it unsecured in the PCI slot.

    I've looked around a bit online and made some phone calls to some local retailers but from what I've seen/heard so far it doesn't seem like many (if any) retailers sell replacement brackets...

    Anyone have any ideas here?

    Thank you,

    - J
  2. heh... All the NVS 420 cards I have are also low profile or else I'd have PM'd you and just mailed you one.

    Google or look on ebay for a "high profile" bracket. The shorter one you have is called "low profile".

    Worst case you can call NVIDIA and pay the $30+ shipping for the 4" of metal. You can get them on eBay $10 shipped all day long, just make sure you are getting the correct bracket so enter "NVS 420 Bracket" in the search and then make sure it says high profile. (or buy a high profile card and ebay/sell your low profile card).

    EDIT: NVS 420 is an awesome card (that I run on my desktop) so I'd say it's even worth it to pay up directly to NVIDIA worst-case.
  3. Thanks again for your help Winston.. Really appreciate it.

    I guess I didn't think of the obvious in calling Nvidia, so I'll use that as a last resort if I can't find something that works online.

    Looking forward to getting this installed and running (still waiting for the Quad DVI adapter cable -- Mine was shipped with the Quad Displayport version and I didn't realize it at the time, so I have an extra one of those if anyone is looking for one :)