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    How should I go about finding a mentor?

    I guess I should say something about what my interests/level are: daytrading stock index futures. I started with AHG, and am now use my own derivative/understanding of it. I'm currently working on refining my method; I can consistently get 5 points/day on the NQ, but I would like that number to be higher before going live.

    Those of you who have found good mentors to help you along the way, how did you go about finding them?
  2. My best mentor was named "me". If you are making 5 NQ points in sim you don't need a fucking mentor. Go live. I trade NQ BTW. Go for it.
  3. HARSH
  4. You've already answered part of your question.

    Find someone that's also using the AHG method that has specifically stated they are profitable.

    That's easy to do considering there's a very long AHG thread here at along with IRC chat room logs posted by Brutus on a daily basis.

    Thus, re-read the AHG thread and chat logs very carefully to find those that have specifically said they are profitable via the AHG method or via a derivative of it or seem to have a stronger understanding than you do. them to see whom would be interested in mentoring you.

    The above is the easy part.

    However, regardless if there's a fee involved or the info at the below link to understand a little more about good mentoring.

    Here's the hard part.

    If you are lucky, you will find someone in the AHG thread or from the AHG chat room that lives nearby you.

    If not, be prepared to travel if the urge to become better with AHG method is strong enough.

    Just remember that most mentor/student interactions fail long before the actual mentoring gets started because either the student failed to ensure the mentor is suitable or the mentor failed to ensure the trader is suitable as a student...

    It's a two way street.

    P.S. The mentor should only be doing real trading from his/her own trading account in front of you (in person) prior to instructing you in your real trades in from of his/her own two eyes.

    If someone doesn't ensure you have the proper tools and trading environment for real trading...

    It ain't mentoring.

  5. No, true.
  6. "If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him!" Trading mentors are worthless. They'll all tell you the same thing:

    Trade with the trend
    Enter on retraces against the trend
    Cut losses short
    Let winners run
    Be mindful of the math of the risk of ruin
    Eat lots of fresh clean young pussy.

    What's hard about that?
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  9. Hey, traders are traders because they are losers who can't do anything else. They can't follow the simplest rules. They are too obnoxious to be mentored. And they overcomplicate everything.
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