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    awhile back i had some medical problems, and always having had an interest in the markets, i've used much of the down time surfing trading sites (is there no end?). also, i've bought a book or two which interests me. in this time - a couple years, now - i've come to have a feel for the kind of trading i want to do. i've also done some paper trading and have been impressed w/ returns garnered by the use of Adx/ Dmi indicators. as a way to catch trends, it seems the best. now please, i am not whatz called a shill or spammer - so please don't send me packin' on that note. i've read what i can on the subject (Adx/ Dmi) and have found a site i think might serve as place from which to trade; now correct me if i'm wrong, but don't most traders have a site or two from which they gather their info? a place they feel comfortable working from? i am thinking of hooking up w/ Mystwerld or Stockwerld, and was wondering if anyone has used their premium site? also, does the use of Adx/ Dmi work well for daytrading? or is it more geared for swing trading? one last comment and thats about a site called Green Room Stocks? it looks fairly new, and their returns seem promising, but seemz kind of pricey. i enjoy reading the threads here, but if i've broken a rule or appear ethically challenged due to my mentioning the above sites, please keep in mind i am asking about their services because they interest me, not promoting them. also, i would really appreciate some feedback on the use of Adx/ Dmi indicators in day or swing trading. thanx to any and all who might care to respond. :cool:
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    wow, thanx for a good headz up on a thread rife with suggestions & differing view points. everyonez got their own way of doing thingz, i guess; although i kind'a wished nyc hotshot had hung around long enuff to answer some of those questions. i mean, he seemed to be making a decent living doing it his way. still, therez plenty there for me to check out. now only one question remains ...what would be your way of doing it? and i'm assuming you are not anchoring your trading around adx/ dmi, correct? seriously, and only if you don't mind sharing, what method or how would you go about starting a trading career now, you know, in retrospect?
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