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  1. Does anyone know a future broker charging no more than $2.4/side (including all the fees) for Globex index future contract without hefty platform fee?
  2. Where are you looking that you cannot find brokers with rates less than $2.40 a side ($4.80 RT) and no platform fee? Even IB is less than $2.40 a side.

    IB's unbundled commissions start at $4.70 RT and drop at specified volume breaks. charges $3.80 RT with a choice of 4 free platforms (NinjaTrader, Strategy Runner, QST, or CQG Trader).

    Transact Futures charges $3.76 RT with a minimum of 274 RTs a month.

    Lightspeed Trading charges $3.30 RT with no volume minimum and $65.00 a month futures data feed charge.

    The more volume you do the better rates you can get.
  3. Thanks a lot! You save me a lot of time. I'm gonna take a look at your list.
  4. I would recommend Infinity Futures; very competitive commissions. PM me if you'd like contact info.
  5. I have PMed you.
  6. OEC is 4.60 RT with no platform fee, with free charting, and lighting execution speeds.
  7. I couldn't find any commission schedule on their website.
  8. Lightspeed's $65.00 a month futures data feed charge is waved if you trade future. So it's the lowest rate I can find so far. The downside is their futures trading hours are 7am-8pm EST. does not have minimum monthly volume requirement, it looks like the best choice.
    Does anyone know any firm offers better rates than
  9. That is one of the problems of looking for brokers with the lowest rates, they may not do everything that you are looking for.

    There is another broker that offers a $3.30 RT rate on index futures with no platform fee, but I would be wary of them. Zumo Futures is an introducing broker for Farr Financial. Farr Financial doesn't get good reviews.

    Most futures brokers don't publish commission rates because they base their rates on your account size, monthly volume and your experience or lack thereof.

    Infinity Futures is an introducing broker for TransAct Futures. You have to call them for commission rates.

    Amp Futures and Mirus Futures are two other firms you have to call for commission rates.
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