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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by ElectricSavant, Jan 9, 2007.

  1. Here's an idea...

    Find Spam and notify a moderator, and you get a referral credit....

    So many credits get's an EliteTrader custom T-shirt...
  2. mxjones


    Is there really an issue finding and reporting spam?

    It seems it gets called out really fast by readers. I don't think you need give-aways as motivation.
  3. It would be a nice policy to encourage our guests to be more involved in making this the best community it can be...

    I know it sounds corny, but there is a method to the madness.

    I can envision guests scouring the archive and riddng ET of all past spam that slipped by, too!

    How could a policy such as this... hurt?

    Revealing certain offending guests and their "vending motivations" should be encouraged!

    Also, when the complaint button is would be nice to have confirmation of the action taken and the notice of your referral credit...sometimes you do not even know if and when your complaint was handled unless you go back to the thread to inspect the action, as it stands now...

    In my view, moderators should welcome the opportunity to serve a guest that has a complaint and Thank them and perhaps give them a referral credit, towards the purchase of books here at their regular price ...or T-shirts and trading stuff...or something easier to lunch with Marketsurfer...hehe lol...

    Michael B.
  4. mxjones


    I just don't see spam "lasting" on the threads too long. It is usually taken care of quickly, and at the very least you have a handful of readers posting that it is BS.

    If you want to make ET a better community, limit how many threads someone can start in a day!

  5. Well, Yes the moderators are doing a fine Job...but again...this "idea of encourgment", cannot hurt...

  6. is it really necessary to start so many threads about this topic. it's becoming a serious yawn.
  7. True enough, but i already hit the complain button on version77, multitude of bump posts, offensive etc etc , nothing happened.
    Mind you, maybe it did-his posts have become far less z like in approach, which is always good.

    I rather imagine, not that many actually complain about anything, i only do so to uphold an ideal of a troll-less board.

    This is a unique board IMHO, due to lack of spam-trolls are a different kettle of stinking , rotten fish, and ultimately not so incredibly important in the greater scheme of things.

    Electric, your privy to secret society machinations, has anyone complained about spam /trolls etc more than me?

    Just wondering, making sure im doing the right thing. I hate spam, i hate trolls.......