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    Hello All,

    I wanted few inquiries on the viability of trading here. I may have convinced a prospective friend to invest $10million dollars on financials(names witheld). This after doing extensive research on our own, albeit none of that really matters and maybe a little
    inside scoop help. Assuming our bet pays off and come few weeks we see our investment doubling, will SEC investigate us for insider trading? Given the current turmoil and the government's indecisiveness in the way forward with financials, will that let us of the hook?

    Secondly any suggestion on which firms to trade with? Given its a large amount of money, is it advisable to trade with discount brokerages like Interactive Brokers. What about volume of stocks. I am talking about liquid ones here.

    On another note, as many of you'll migh know, last week there was a rumor that BBI will go bust and I've been observing their volume play. Ironically 1.38m common were traded and the same went up the following day 100%. Can this be a clear case of institutional manipulation? If a retail trader wanted to get an in game on that particular stock, would I have been able to buy it on the local
    market or was the exchange done from one block of holders or retail traders to an institutional buyer? Is there a way to know who are the current holders of BBI Common shares, volume and whether or not they are retail traders or institutions?

    Your feedbacks appreciated.
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    bump. None :confused:
  3. ?.....10-million dollars from a "friend". Is that the amount of money you expect to get from a banker living in exile in Switzerland for helping him get his money out of Nigeria after his father died in an automobile accident there? :D