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  1. Is it me or is the buy of the century approaching us in the financials?

    I've started nabbing at the financials now.. 1/4 of position.

    Financial longs... Long term .. VEEEECTORY IS UPON ON us!
  2. if we sell off overnight/tomorrow im buying ES with a stop at 1080

    timing isnt going to be easy but i think this is a great opportunity.

    collapse may come a few years down the line, but ill be out before then and hopefully looking to short US treasuries at all time highs :)
  3. S2007S


    I think to SLOWLLLLLLLLY go into financials now might be an ok idea, I mean slowly in, instead of going in with a 1/4 I would have gone in with an 1/8 of a position. A 1/4 position is a little heavy in my opinion. Also be careful what financials you buy, Im more an ETF investor so I would stick with XLF and UYG and thats it. If you do catch a bottom I think long term 10+years out you will see returns of 100-300%. Its going to be volatile but if you can hold on tight and have enough money to average in on days like today you will make serious money when they do turn around, I think this is 10000X worse than the dot come bubble. If you have patience you will do well.