Financials Relatively Weak To Huge Rally

Discussion in 'Trading' started by dsq, Aug 8, 2008.

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    strength is in ba,mmm,pg,cat,dd....i would expect to see 3pt gains in financial stocks but see mostly 1pt or less...bac might be setting up for a good short next week.
  2. Weak? The Philly Bank index gained 32.5% relative to the SP500 since the middle of July. It's outperforming the broad market by 1.3% today.

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    was referring to todays rally.

    single pt gains in bac c wb not impressive when market is up 300pts.
  4. Philly Bank Index +3.6%, SP500 +2.4%. Banks are outperforming today. Case closed.
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    ya ,sure...bac,c,wb,mer closed up less than a buck...pretty weak relative to what they normally do on a huge rally...they usually rally multi pts not pennies....
  6. I guess you haven't recognized the fact that the market ROTATES from one group to another . . . Not necessarily a sign of "weakness" as you have implied with the financials. Simply a broadening-out of the leadership to other groups as the market heads higher.

    ie.) Aerospace and Defense was one of the market leaders today . . . +3.17%

    LMT, LLL, GD, BA, PCP, RTN, and NOC with huge multi-point gains!
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    you didnt recognize that i said this might be setting up for a good short.