Financially Stable Prop Firm?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by CutsThrough, Nov 22, 2006.

  1. I’m looking for a FINANCIALLY STABLE trading firm that I can trust will pay me when I request it.

    <b>I need:</b>
    3-1 Intraday BP on a 10k Deposit
    B-Class LLC Hybid Prop Model
    No licensure requirements
    Remote Trading

    I’ll be making a 5k deposit each month
    I won’t be doing any overnights
    Volume will be deminimus, so I’m willing to pay a higher-than-average rate

    I’m aware that the prop hybrid model presupposes pooled losses and, as such, it would never be 100% safe. I’m simply looking for feedback from those who have had a good experience with a prop firm and would recommend it.

    As horrible as it sounds: As I’m about to open an account, I know what Don Bright means when financial stability counts for a lot. But, since he requires that I get my Series 7, and I’m only going to be trading part-time (remote) using prudent leverage, I just don’t see the pt (nor do I have the time).
  2. Cue Don bright post in 10..9...8...7... :p
  3. CTT


    You could try looking into Schonfeld, not exactly sure what their requirements are though.
  4. Its not that difficult to get a series 7.

    All it takes is a couple weeks of intense study or a month of paced study. No big deal.