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  1. Anyone know if the chat is back up running and what needs to be done with the Apache software page to log on??
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    Obviously they are not back up because if you click on your own doesn't work.

    Regardless, they did post an announcement prior to the server being taken offline that they would not be back. Besides, most users moved to the Othernet server or stocktwits. In fact, almost all the traders I knew that were using the Financialchat...every one of them are now using stocktwits.
  5. posted the link only to show what one gets when trying to go to the homepage

    so they posted some instructions on the homepage which nobody that accessed the chat through that homepage would see because it was down?

    Straighten me out the chat is ongoing now but must be accessed through that apache software that you get when trying to go to their webpage? or you must use :wtf:thernet" or "stocktwits" to access them?

    Thanks for your input
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    It's very simple...there is NO financialchat. It's gone. They had posted instructions a long time ago PRIOR to taking financialchat server down and it was discussed a few times in a few of the chat rooms on financialchat PRIOR to financialchat being taken offline.

    In contrast, the traders that use to use financialchat are now using something totally different that has nothing to do with the financialchat server.

    Those other things are called stocktwits, Othernet, skype, Yahoo Messenger and any other chat tool. Yet, most of the traders I know that use to use the financialchat are now using Othernet, stocktwits and something called tweetdeck.

    Othernet is similar to financialchat while stocktwits & tweetdeck involves twitter.

    Will financialchat ever return? Most likely NO especially with the surgence of twitter tools like stocktwits, tweetdeck and others. In my opinion, stocktwits and tweetdeck are far better tools than financialchat. Thus, I'm not crying about financialchat being gone or only accessible (rumored) via some third dimension sci-fi adventure. :D

    P.S. on this link @ irc://

    That's their direct link into the server. I just logged on quickly into the #IndexFutures room located on the Financialchat server via the above url.

    You'll find some of the last remaining members that haven't left for stocktwits, tweetdeck and Othernet. You'll also find that #ActiveTrader is still there too. You can use the /list command to bring up a list of all the chat rooms still on the Financialchat server.
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    Thanks so much for this info.

    Can you pls point us directly to the forum where Wall Street Arbitrator, Gold, rayban 123, dumper, StockJock and some of other key players in Financial Chat went?

    If you don't know, can you put us in touch with any of them so we can find out?