Financial transaction tax by 2021, says Germany's Scholz

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  3. The model on the table is similar to the current FTT in France on stocks, i.e. no tax on derivatives and no tax on trades outside of the EU. So not a big problem for EU traders unless the EU bureaucrats scale up later and try to capture derivatives and trades outside EU, but that is legally very challenging.

    This is about EU bureaucrats trying to establish direct revenue for themselves.

    But of course an FTT is a stupid idea in every shape or form.
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    The effect wasn't as dramatic with the french and italian transaction taxes introduced recently. This might encourage EU to tax financial markets further.
  5. The one way street of the growth of the parasitic state...who said taxation isn't theft . They aim to expropriate
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    There was some exemption for either French or Italian trades if they are done in a certain timeframe. I can't recall exactly. I might stumble on trading TOT sometimes but that's about it.
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    The government should only tax you once at most on the money that you have earned. They should not tax you again on the same money when you buy something (sales tax, vat, etc), or any other form of taxation.
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    Bernie Sanders, Mayor Pete and several others on the left want to implement something like this here. Keep this in mind when you vote.
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  10. Bernie says we will be happy to pay the taxes.... Never met anyone happy to pay taxes
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