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  1. hi
    Festival i m french so sorry for my english

    I have worked for 3 years on a financial systems , i had about 15 yrs of historical , and my systems very interesting , it can be trade on indexes and comodities and rates.

    If anyone knows the process to be in connection with some hedge fund or bank etc... .
    I have no idea how to proceed to get arrangement and show it .

    So thank you for your replies , and please dont ask me to explain the systemes , it will be very long and without answer , execpt if you work on bank or hedge fund .

    thank you
  2. The first question will be: do you have a trackrecord of minimum 3-5 years?

    The second question:Every day people invent super performing systems, so why would yours be different from the others?

    Don't expect to much, because your search will probably end in a cold shower.