Financial Stock still bleeding

Discussion in 'Trading' started by ksonsinc, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. I have to say that the financial stock are still bleeding very badly
    I have mer 300 shares 300 AIG
    If you have financial stock please tell me what you have and how much are you losing ( defitinily not making money i guess )
    MER 300 shares
    Aig 200 shares
    MEr option
    Down 2 K
  2. dsq


    you should sell them ...especially on any bounce...go long when the trend is up...right now the trend is down.Dont fight the trend....hard to lose but you can make the money back when this sector turns around...for now it looks like it can go a lot lower.Lots of nasty surprises every day it seems.

    Read the book about jesse livermore.Get it at your library or ebay.
  3. I bought some AIG down here at 21 for holding long term. And I mean long. Someday I'll sell it when (hopefully "if") this all passes. If it doesn't, it doesn't. That's life, as Frankie says.
  4. S2007S


    UYG is all I trade, that and the occassional SKF.....

    Must admit I did buy a tiny amount of FRE today.

    When I say small Im talking less than 0.25% of my portfolio.
  5. Well i am still holding long but i did day trade today
    Bought some AIG at 20 sold it at 20.50 nothing big tho
    Well i am hoping for the worst to be over and i want to be in it when it turn,s around
  6. piezoe


    No problem with that approach. You'll do fine. Also look at UCBH. Very special situation of a mis-characterized bank. Sell 2009 puts when stock dips below $5 and try to pick it up on the cheap. See my threads under stock. If you went into this when it was near the low you would already be sitting on huge gain. Much more to come.

    Great opportunity in financials right now but you have to be highly selective.
  7. Looking to buy some AIG down here for a bounce ... also in accumulation mode in UYG for the long term.

    Anybody else?
  8. well i dont understand what they are doing with the financials
    Especially Day traders since there is so little volume
  9. Every fucking day the financial still bleed
    Today C Mer Leh GS all opened up and now they are at their orst level :(