Financial Stament Collective ? ? ?

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  1. I think Yahoo! finance page is good in most aspects, terrible in others. The finance. statements that go 4 qtrs are great.

    Does anyone know a web source to find statements that go back further?
  3. tandh


  4. Checked out the site and it looks like there is a charge to get info.

    And with google I only goes back 5 qtrs.

    If I was trying to find statements going back more than 5 qtrs. where would I go?

    Starting with a Google Search., I did not find any sites.

    Anybody got a source?
  5. popped up in my searches, although they actually post the entire 10-K report for each qtr which makes it impossible to quickly copy and paste them to an EXCEL sheet.

    Somebody, PLEASE HELP with a source!