Financial Sales (Northern NJ)

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  1. We are a financial company. A company dedicated to serving the financial needs of individuals and families. We use over 400 companies to provide our financial products for our clients.

    Full or Part time Financial Services Sales Associate

    NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED, will train

    Starting candidate will earn COMMISSIONED based ONLY: $2,400-$3,200/month part time

    Requirements for Financial Services Sales Associate:
    25 years of age or older
    Self Motivated
    Strong interpersonal skills
    Exceptional customer service skills
    Ability to work independently
    Professional business experience
    Must be allowed to work in the US
    Sales, marketing, financial services, accounting, banking or mortgage industry is a plus however, not required.

    Comprehensive training
    The availability to start part time
    No cold calling

    Starting candidate will earn COMMISSIONED based ONLY: $2,400-$3,200/month part time

    PM your resume and someone from our office will call you, Thanks
  2. Mind providing some kind of credentials before people wind up sending their personal details to an anoynmous poster in thie age of internet identity theft? You work from Nigeria? Since you need freebie ads, it is already suspicious.

    Legitimate companies usually have the wherewithall to advertise properly. You don't even bother with a phone number or website so people can at least somewhat verify you. Why not just really bow low and put out craigslist ads? "Girl looking for a good time..."

    For heaven sakes, you don't even bother to put the name or address of this "company."

  3. Sushi


    Amway? Ameriprize? Mlm ? How can you promise earnings when it's strictly commission? Makes no sense