Financial Review This Week : September 26, 2011

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    For the week of September 26, 2011


    The word that bothers this trader this morning is hope. This word is being thrown around which should not sit well with investors. The stock market may open higher on hopes that policymakers are putting new plans together to help with the debt crisis. The hope that Greece does not default is where the focus lies. If a person is resting their families future on hope then one needs to take another look at how they formulate wealth.

    Geithner seems concerned and believes that the U.S. is still fragile from the recession of 2008. He also thinks that if European nations default that the U.S. could have serious problems. Geithner also brought up that the U.S. will cut the deficit by 3 trillion in over 10 years.

    Honestly, who cares about 3 trillion! This country spends more than 1 trillion a year. How about the U.S spends half of that and cuts 5-7 trillion. Maybe a flat tax for everyone so the people that have created success do not feel like they are bailing everyone else out?

    The USD Index is down -0.19 to 78.31 and the Euro is down-0.0034 to 1.3473. The Euro may fall further but some may leave the dollar and buy stocks. A short term burst in the dollar does not mean it will keep going. The level of 1.2750 might be possible over the next few weeks. Some believe a bull rally could come over the next few months and are positioning Europe and keeping cash available if this occurs.

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