Financial liability trading emini futures

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  1. Ok holtsberg answer me this: Who is the moron, the one who posts blatant disinformation in an attempt to be funny, the ones who identify the disinformation or who don't think it is funny, or the one who snipes with a 2 sentence post? At worst I have no sense of humor but this does not make me a moron.
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    Hmm. Blatent Sarcasm = Blatent Disinformation?

    I know from your posts that you and Easy are bright (no pun intended) guys. IMO having good market intuition involves crap detection skills. See things as they are and you profit. See things as they SEEM and you get smoked.
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    relax guys.. the thread is about financial liability. the answer was quite clear from IB's policy. everyone should be aware and be careful and yes, be prepared for the worst case scenario (whatever your plan are or cost or not.. have one)

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