Financial IQ - Mines 85, perhaps I need more education!

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  1. Hey guys just took a neat test to measure my financial IQ. Ok So I only got 85 but tragically I feel it might be close to right!

    I was 110 for rational risk taking but 70 odd for gambling and rational risk avoidance.

    What about some of you more seasoned pro's?
  2. financial IQ-110
    Rational Risk-88
    Resistance to Gambling-114
    Rational Risk Avoidance-128
  3. todgers.. TODGERS?

    Give us a break! LOL
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    don't be a prick! :D
  5. A teenage nickname I'm kinda proud of :)
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    Financial IQ 110.

    But I still suck as a trader.
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    I doubt any IQ or 'financial' IQ test holds any predictive ability for trading success. Yes, for quants and financial engineers. No for discretionary day-traders. Take heart, a genius-level IQ isn't a prerequisite for lifting money from other traders. In fact, I think it's a burden more than anything else. I've heard there was an old adage in the Chicago pits, "the smarter you are, the longer it takes". Trading is real simple. The same pattern, over and over and over again. Lots of ways to skin the cat, but the one or two grails that work consistently are real, real simple. That's why everyone is here. To figure it out. Hit the jackpot. It's hidden, tho. Easier to see 'it' in some conditions, than others..
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    According to this test, I'm nothing special. Mr Joe Sixpack. Go figure. It's all bullshit. Probably just an elaborate fishing expedition for marketing and asset intelligence.

    Your Financial IQ is: 97.2

    Your Rational Risk Taking score is: 112.4

    Your Resistance to Gambling score is: 87

    Your Rational Risk Avoidance score is: 92.2
  9. I wouldn't say that's showing you are nothing special - the first score of 115 odd means you are really strong on that measure. IQ (assuming they have done it right ) has a standard deviation of 15.

    So that means that you are better than 85% of the population when it comes to taking risks that are worth taking. If I were you I would take heart from that ! Isn't that what successful trading is all about ?

    I did from my slightly lower score on that bit :)
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    Stephen Hawking was asked about his IQ in a 2004 newspaper interview, and replied, "I have no idea. People who boast about their I.Q. are losers." Yet when asked "Are you saying you are not a genius?", Hawking replied "I hope I'm near the upper end of the range."
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