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  1. Hi,
    When you go to most sites and look at financial information (balance sheet, income and cash flow) they only give you the last 4 quarters, and a lot of times they condense this information down so you can't even tell all of what is happening in all the accounts. I often now have to look at old financial statements and then put them into excel spreadsheets by hand. This takes a lot of time. Does anyone know where I can get 3 years (12 quarters) of information at one source?
  2. What type of an idiot response is that. I care b/c I want to be able to save myself an hour per company that I analyze.
  3. A good source for historic info of that nature is COMPUSTAT. It's kind of expensive, but any decent university in your neighborehood will have it at the finance department and they should let you download the data you need.
    I don't use COMPUSTAT a lot, but from the little I do know, it has all of what you mentioned (and much more) for quite a number of periods going back...
    Hope this helps.
  4. Thankyou. I will look into that.
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    There is a site called Free Edgar which allows you to download the data into excel and then you can do whatever you want with it (build a model whatever)
  6. What's the link? Where do I go once there?
  7. I found it. They let you download which is good, but they only have the last 1 year of information which includes only this year and last year's information.
  8. p2, can you post the link? thanks.
  9. Disclosure, the company that supplied this data to the financial markets before free edgar and yahoo, etc. has all the data in a standaridized format, but the format is very high level. . . .

    Disclosure was owed by Primark, and then sold to Thomson, Financial. . . .

    the specific product is

    global access - it contains all the edgar databases, plus intl ones. . .

    i have used it, and it is great. . . . because i worked for Primark. . .
    but it will be expensive because its an institutional product. . .

    preatorian. . . . the other way you can do it is to build your own database, calculate your own cash flow statements. . . and then just retrieve the 10 k statements from free edgar, and import that data into your database. . ...

    good luck.
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    If time is not of the essence, you can try to contact investor relations at the company. They may send you as much as you require. Another source may be valueline (might be available in your library or on the internet). You could also try to head to the nearest graduate school of managements library. many tend to keep these things on microfiche (do you college kids even use that anymore?) or subscribe to services that will let you access the data.
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